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Projects we are dedicated to

In the next period, we are shifting our focus to two main projects we will be working on. We plan to introduce cricket to elementary school students and children and teenagers with special needs. Our goal is to introduce children to sport, which will open them the possibility to learn more about benefits of sport, health, but also give them a chance to make new friends, and to learn a new skill which should boost their confidence and help them get included into their local community.

Cricket School for children

Clackmannan County Cricket Club have started an action “Cricket School for children” that will bring cricket closer to elementary school students. According to the president of the Clackmannan County Cricket Club, for the time being, the training is being held at two locations, namely at two local elementary schools.

“We invite all interested elementary school students, both boys and girls, to join us and take the first steps in this sport. As the response is very good so far, we plan to organize the first elementary school tournaments in two age categories – up to 13 and up to 15 in the coming period. ”

The project aims to raise awareness of the sport, but also to show children the benefits of healthy living, physical activity, as well as allow them to engage in the fun in their local community and make new friends.

Integration of Children through Cricket

In conjunction with local governments, the Clackmannan County Cricket Club will also implement the project “Integration of Children through Cricket” starting in April, organizing training and games for children and young people with special needs.

Namely, our coaches will work twice a week in two groups – with older and younger children interested in the sport, all with a view to inclusion. Also, the Clackmannan County Cricket Club provided basic cricket equipment for the projects mentioned. The duration of the project is from April to the end of July, and it is anticipated that tournaments will take place at the end of the project, with the results officially recorded.

The children involved in the project of Elementary schools for cricket will also have several organized trainings with the children involved in the Inclusion project, all in order to encourage socializing among these peers as well as accepting differences and making new friendships.

The role of coaches in the fight against doping in sports

The rights and obligations of the athlete, as well as the role of the coach in the process of combating doping in sports, were the subjects of lectures and forums organized in our club. We have conveyed to you some of the basic answers given during these lectures:

Each year, the World Anti-Doping Agency prepares a list of banned substances that is the same for all athletes around the world. The substances or methods on the list must satisfy two of the three conditions:

  1. To lead to an increase in athletic ability
  2. That they are harmful to the health of the athlete
  3. That they are contrary to the ethics of sport

I am a coach and I am not subject to anti-doping testing. Am I in this situation obliged to know the results management in case of anti-doping rule violation?

Yes, as coaches, you should be aware of results management since coaches may face sanctions because other anti-doping rule violations apply to you. You, as coaches, are exposed to a lot of questions on a daily basis by athletes, first of all regarding the training technique, their schedule and some other areas such as anti-doping. Your influence on athletes is crucial in building their reputation. It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation and just one second to destroy it. It is you who can help athletes get through the doping control process in such a way that they are aware of their rights and obligations.

Doping control of a minor athlete

 A minor athlete should be accompanied by a third party from the moment of notification until the end of the doping control procedure. The athlete’s companion observes the doping controller and the doping controller to the athlete during the sampling procedure. A representative of a minor athlete may observe the giving of a sample, but only if it is authorized by the athlete and approved by the doping controller.

Athlete rights during the doping control procedure

The athlete is entitled to his representative to accompany him during the doping control procedure. It can be one of your roles. The athlete has the right to request that the doping controller show him/her his/her accreditation/badge. If he is a disabled athlete he is entitled to modifications in relation to his disability.

Basics 101: all you need to know about cricket game and player roles

Although at first glance it seems extremely complicated cricket is a very interesting and popular sport. It is most similar to baseball, though it is quite different from it. The cricket ground is round or oval, slightly larger than 120 meters in diameter.

The match is played by two teams of 11 players each. There are 11 players on the field at the same time – Fielding Team and 2 Batting Team opponents. Players with sticks are facing each other in the central part of the rectangular playground at the ends of which are goals consisting of 3 tripods and 2 shorts. The players of the fielding team are the pitcher, the catcher and the other 9 players standing in the field. Roughly speaking, half of the team specializes in hitting while the other half is better at pitching.

What is the goal of the striker?

The goal of the striker is to hit the ball that the pitcher throws at him and hits it so that none of the opposing players catches it. Then he runs to the opposite end and changes place with his teammate. One such change of place is called “run” and is the basic unit of cricket scoring. Four runs are automatically awarded to the kicker who throws the ball out of bounds, and six runs if the kick was such that the ball flew straight out of bounds.

The goal of the fielding team is to prevent the scorer from scoring quick and agile reactions to the rejected ball, as well as throwing the hitter by knocking down his wicket or catching the deflected ball in a so-called flight.

All you need to know about innings

Each team has its innings, a period of play during which time that team plays the role of hitter and for which he scores. At the end of their inning, the role of the striker is given to the opposing team, which seeks to score more runs than them. Each inning consists of a set number of overs, a set of 6 correct pitches by one pitcher. The match can last 20, 30, 40 or 50 overs, depending on the competition.

So one team is in the role of hitter 20 overs (120 throws) and during that time he tries to get as many runs as possible, thus making the task more difficult for opponents.

Representation of cricket around the world

Cricket is one of the most massive sports in the world with a quite large fanbase. In the countries where it is most represented (England, Australia, India, Pakistan, Jamaica, South Africa, United Arab Emirates…) cricketers are true professionals with star status such as footballers, rugby players, tennis players, etc. They are quite famous. Australia, followed by India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, England, the Caribbean (West Indies), is currently ranked # 1 in the world ranking for the past three years.

Social Events

We are happy to invite you to our future events that are scheduled for April of this year.


Tuesday 1st – Pre-season Players Night from 7.30pm @ The Arns, Clubhouse. Come down to find out what’s happening this season and hear from all three captains on their hopes and ambitions for the coming season! Each captain prepared a brief presentation that will present the new season as well as team changes. Team members will also be there to share their impressions of the previous season as well as personal goals for the coming season.

Saturday 26th – Race Night from 7.30pm @ The Arns. After the first game of the season, why not relax and take a punt on some fictional horses! All family and friends are welcome! This event is otherwise very well attended and we expect guests from abroad to participate in the preparation activities.

Other important events

This year again, the cricket season opens the Indoor Championship for players up to the age of 15. The three-team championship is played in four rounds in a format of 6 overs. We invite you to be a guest of this festival game and encourage your team. Applications are open to anyone interested.

At the end of the season, we are planning our traditional annual awards ceremony on the club premises. The event will feature prizes for the Championship Champions in the 40 and 20 overs, as well as for the best kickers and pitchers. During the day, there will be a rich accompanying program for all members and friends of our club, as well as for their families. This unique annual event is a real triumph for our club.

We are also making some changes and upgrades to the infrastructure of our club thanks to our benefactors and friends of the club. We are expanding and at the end of the year, you are all invited to see the finished result and be a part of our story. We give a big thank you to everyone who helps us achieve this goal helping us be able to raise our services to a higher level.