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The role of coaches in the fight against doping in sports

The rights and obligations of the athlete, as well as the role of the coach in the process of combating doping in sports, were the subjects of lectures and forums organized in our club. We have conveyed to you some of the basic answers given during these lectures:

Each year, the World Anti-Doping Agency prepares a list of banned substances that is the same for all athletes around the world. The substances or methods on the list must satisfy two of the three conditions:

  1. To lead to an increase in athletic ability
  2. That they are harmful to the health of the athlete
  3. That they are contrary to the ethics of sport

I am a coach and I am not subject to anti-doping testing. Am I in this situation obliged to know the results management in case of anti-doping rule violation?

Yes, as coaches, you should be aware of results management since coaches may face sanctions because other anti-doping rule violations apply to you. You, as coaches, are exposed to a lot of questions on a daily basis by athletes, first of all regarding the training technique, their schedule and some other areas such as anti-doping. Your influence on athletes is crucial in building their reputation. It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation and just one second to destroy it. It is you who can help athletes get through the doping control process in such a way that they are aware of their rights and obligations.

Doping control of a minor athlete

 A minor athlete should be accompanied by a third party from the moment of notification until the end of the doping control procedure. The athlete’s companion observes the doping controller and the doping controller to the athlete during the sampling procedure. A representative of a minor athlete may observe the giving of a sample, but only if it is authorized by the athlete and approved by the doping controller.

Athlete rights during the doping control procedure

The athlete is entitled to his representative to accompany him during the doping control procedure. It can be one of your roles. The athlete has the right to request that the doping controller show him/her his/her accreditation/badge. If he is a disabled athlete he is entitled to modifications in relation to his disability.