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Projects we are dedicated to

In the next period, we are shifting our focus to two main projects we will be working on. We plan to introduce cricket to elementary school students and children and teenagers with special needs. Our goal is to introduce children to sport, which will open them the possibility to learn more about benefits of sport, health, but also give them a chance to make new friends, and to learn a new skill which should boost their confidence and help them get included into their local community.

Cricket School for children

Clackmannan County Cricket Club have started an action “Cricket School for children” that will bring cricket closer to elementary school students. According to the president of the Clackmannan County Cricket Club, for the time being, the training is being held at two locations, namely at two local elementary schools.

“We invite all interested elementary school students, both boys and girls, to join us and take the first steps in this sport. As the response is very good so far, we plan to organize the first elementary school tournaments in two age categories – up to 13 and up to 15 in the coming period. ”

The project aims to raise awareness of the sport, but also to show children the benefits of healthy living, physical activity, as well as allow them to engage in the fun in their local community and make new friends.

Integration of Children through Cricket

In conjunction with local governments, the Clackmannan County Cricket Club will also implement the project “Integration of Children through Cricket” starting in April, organizing training and games for children and young people with special needs.

Namely, our coaches will work twice a week in two groups – with older and younger children interested in the sport, all with a view to inclusion. Also, the Clackmannan County Cricket Club provided basic cricket equipment for the projects mentioned. The duration of the project is from April to the end of July, and it is anticipated that tournaments will take place at the end of the project, with the results officially recorded.

The children involved in the project of Elementary schools for cricket will also have several organized trainings with the children involved in the Inclusion project, all in order to encourage socializing among these peers as well as accepting differences and making new friendships.